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Even though it may seem trivial at first glance, a clogged drain can cause a lot of trouble. In a household, it's never a pleasant situation, and if it happens in a restaurant or another establishment that relies on the proper functioning of all installations, the problem is even more significant. Whether you're dealing with a clogged drain at home or in a company, VMB-Service is here for you, and our experienced craftsmen are ready to help you anytime.

Causes of Clogged Drains

How to Solve a Clogged Drain?

You can often solve a clogged drain problem yourself, especially if it's not a widespread issue. You can use a drain plunger or, if the drain is easily accessible and you're a bit handy, it's not difficult to disassemble the trap and mechanically remove impurities. Another option is to use commonly available chemical products. If DIY cleaning didn't work, it's time to turn to professionals.

Clogged Drain Prague Emergency Service

We understand that a clogged drain is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately, whether it's the weekend, a holiday, or late at night. That's why we have a 24/7 plumbing emergency service. The emergency dispatchers of Clogged Drain Prague are waiting for your call; don't hesitate to contact them.


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